Our visit to the 151st Open
19th Hole

Our visit to the 151st Open

by Adam Calvert on Aug 02, 2023

A Memorable Day at the Open: Embracing Sustainability in Golf
Stepping into the world of The Open Championship for the first time, we were brimming with excitement. The practice day seemed like the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow golf enthusiasts and witness the players in a more relaxed setting - and it turned out to be an unforgettable experience!
Arriving at the Park and Ride, we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a sign highlighting GREEN LINKS https://www.randa.org/en/championships/sustainable-championships - a sustainability framework aimed at making The Open one of the most environmentally conscious major sporting events in the world. With the R&A's commendable focus on sustainability, attending this event had an added sense of purpose.
As we entered the venue, we spotted the legendary John Raham, Phil Mickelson, and the talented Marco Penge preparing to tee off from the 2nd hole. Witnessing Marco, a rising star, playing alongside golf greats was an inspiring moment. If you haven't heard of Marco yet, do check him out and show some support - he's destined for greatness!
Our journey continued as we followed the players, eventually leading us to the heart of the spectator village - an impressive sight in itself. A massive TV screen, comfy bean bags, and a well-stocked bar and food stalls welcomed us. What caught our attention was the R&A's collaboration with local vendors, ensuring they adopted carbon-neutral practices. It was quite novel to see each plate of food with its own CO2 meter, emphasizing their commitment to sustainability.
Taking it a step further, we noticed free charging stations powered by renewable energy and made from recycled materials - a small but meaningful gesture towards a greener event.
We then embarked on a trek to the practice area where we had the pleasure of meeting Owen from England Golf at the 'Sustainability Hub,' tucked behind one of the grandstands. The tent was filled with valuable information about various sustainability projects and the positive impact the R&A has been making.
Owen's passion for golf and sustainability was infectious, and it's evident that England Golf has exciting initiatives in the pipeline, all spearheaded by Owen's dedication - https://www.englandgolf.org/sustainability
Later, we caught up with Dan and Matt from 'Far From Par,' whose podcast is a must-follow for golf enthusiasts!
While our day at The Open was undoubtedly enjoyable, we couldn't help but wonder why the 'sustainability hub' wasn't given a more prominent spot closer to where most spectators gathered. The incredible work done by the R&A should be showcased and celebrated openly.
This led us to ponder whether the majority of golfers are genuinely interested in sustainability projects, or if it's still the early days of raising awareness and fostering a deeper connection between golf and environmental consciousness. Regardless, the efforts and strides taken by the R&A towards a sustainable championship deserve our applause and acknowledgment. They should take pride in their achievements and inspire golfing communities worldwide to join this crucial journey towards a greener future for the sport we love.


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