Bamboo Tri-Fold Towel
Bamboo Tri-Fold Towel

Bamboo Tri-Fold Towel

100% Bamboo Fibre Towel

60cm x 40cm

Carabiner clip for easy bag attachment

This Bamboo Microfibre Golf Towel is absorbent, fast drying, easy to clean and most of all, sustainably produced using bamboo fibre. 

It can be securely attached to your bag using the carabiner clip included and the soft microfibre material is perfect for keeping your clubs clean.  

Each microfibre towel includes 'The Bigger Ball' Embroidery 

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Features & Benefits

- Quickly and effectively removes dirt

- Leave the surface of your golf club dry once wiped (no waiting time to dry)

- Improves shot accuracy

- Improves ball spin rate

- Prevents rust (unlike water and soap)

- Cleans grips and removes oils left by skin

- No harm of impact on the environment

Bamboo Tri-Fold Towel

Bamboo Tri-Fold Towel


What Our Customers Say about Clean Strike

Definitely draws out the dirt

I have been using Clean Strike since I received it a number of weeks ago and generally find it quick and easy to use whilst knowing you aren’t harming the environment which is always nice, I do sometimes forget I have It in the bag with it being so lite but I will make a conscious effort to remember to clean my clubs with it more often as it definitely draws out the dirt from the clubs grooves easier than just water or other methods."

James Robinson Golf

It's like magic

“Wow its like magic that. look at that”

Oscar @90roundsin90days

Amazing product

“Amazing product its a must try on the course, great meaning behind will definitely keep using in the future.”


I get a better roll

“i use the solution at the grass driving range on Thursday at old links was good and the towel is handy whilst playing to clean your ball whilst looking at the line and i Get a better roll and it’s small enough to just fit in your pocket with tees and ball marker”