A rubbish round of golf
19th Hole

A rubbish round of golf

by Adam Calvert on Nov 20, 2023

Last Friday, this dynamic duo, Adam our founder along with Geoff from ECOWOW, embarked on a noble mission at the picturesque Heaton Park Golf Course in Manchester. Armed with determination, litter sacks, and a dash of humor, they set out to make our local greens cleaner and greener.

The mission, originally part of the #HalloClean campaign (yes, planned for Halloween week, but blame it on a few transport hiccups), turned into an epic tale of trash triumph.


Heaton Park, nestled just north of Manchester, boasts an intriguing history dating back to 1901 when Manchester City Council snagged Heaton Hall and its grounds for a mere £300,000. The golf course, a masterpiece by John Henry Taylor, opened its fairways in 1911. Over the years, it witnessed tee relocations, bunker disappearances, and even a landfill fiasco in '84. Talk about a golf course with character!

Geoff, our early bird, was startled to see Adam stroll in wearing shorts—turns out, optimism comes in many forms, including wardrobe choices. The sun was shining, making it a perfect day for some altruistic mischief.

Their golf adventure kicked off with a challenging 304-yard uphill par 4 on the first tee, followed by a scenic 459-yard par 5. But the real surprises came along the way, including a pair of well-used boxer shorts strategically placed on the fairway. Classy, right?

As they waded through the 2nd fairway, litter began to pile up, and the duo noticed a distinct lack of waste bins. It wasn't until the 11th tee that they stumbled upon a bin, prompting a litter-sack reshuffle as their trolleys were feeling the weight.

The 11th, a tricky 192-yard par 3 with a deep ravine, proved challenging, but our eco-warriors conquered it with style. As darkness crept in around 3:30 pm, they decided to wrap it up near the 16th, having gathered a treasure trove of cans, plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, and mysterious golf shafts without their club heads. Someone had a meltdown on the course, it seems!

Outside the clubhouse, the remnants of a driving range transformed into a makeshift car park caught their attention. A lightbulb moment struck—why not turn it into a vibrant community project, offering employment and attracting new faces to the world of golf?

In the end, it was a day well spent. Adam and Geoff's journey taught them a lot, and they left Heaton Park Golf Course with a call to action for Manchester Council: more bins, please, and perhaps some signs to remind everyone to keep the greens as clean as their golf swings. After all, a greener course is a happier course! 🌱⛳ 

Thank you to Heaton Park for allowing us to litter pick.

Please visit their website to learn more - http://www.heatonparkgolfclub.co.uk/


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