Green is Our Game

VERTA GOLF was founded on the basis of sustainability and innovation.

The golfing community needed a cleaning solution that would change the game and that’s exactly what we did.

VERTA GOLF provides dynamic products which can help improve your golf game (maybe even lower your handicap) through simple maintenance: cleaning your golf clubs. 

We are a sustainable golf brand, passionate about making golf greener through our sustainable products.

Our products are kind to the golf course (and the environment), made from natural materials. With our vegetable based solution, ocean-bound plastic bottles and bio-degradable cardboard packaging, we are changing the course for future golf cleaners. 

Our Clean Strike product is the only sustainable golf cleaner in the world (that we know of).

Green is our game - what is yours? 

Adam Calvert - Founder

Words From Our Founder

I often brought my equipment into the home to clean my clubs in the kitchen sink and put golf balls in the dishwasher - my wife wasn’t best pleased!
There are many products for cleaning cars (another passion of mine) but nothing for golf equipment. It was simple; something had to be done!
I created a solution which took the fuss out of cleaning equipment, was kind to the golf course and sustainable.