How to Clean Golf Clubs
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How to Clean Golf Clubs

by Mitchel White on Apr 05, 2022

Making sure all your golf equipment is maintained and clean is key to preserving them for a long time. Golf clubs can be expensive, so it’s beneficial to you to keep them in a good condition to avoid having to replace them often. 

You might be wondering what the best way to clean golf clubs is, and the answer is much simpler than you might think. This easy guide will take you through the steps you should take to achieve clean golf clubs. 

The days of needing the following are gone… 

·       Bucket

·       Warm water

·       Dishwashing liquid or soap

·       An old toothbrush or a soft-bristle brush

·       A towel 

·       Chrome or steel polish 

·       A cloth

All you will need now is Verta Golf’s Clean Strike and one of our fully sustainable towels. Clean Strike is a sustainable golf club cleaner that you can carry in your bag, and you can keep it in your bag for when you next need to use this on the course, at the range or at home.

 The below method will take you through a guide of how to clean drivers. How to clean golf irons. How to clean your golf club shafts and how to clean your golf club grip without damage and NO use of the washing up liquid as that is NOT the best way to clean your clubs.

 How to clean golf club heads using Clean Strike

1.      Take the lid off the bottle and from roughly 10cm away from the club head spray the Clean Strike solution directly on to the face of the club.

2.      Let the solution soak into the grooves for a couple of seconds.

3.      Then grab your towel and wipe away the dirt off the club face and the remaining solution. (If you are still left with dirt in the grooves this may require you to use a brush instead of a towel)

4.      You are done and ready to hit the ball with a clean strike. (No need to wait for the club to dry)

5.      Repeat this on all clubs


 How to clean golf club shafts

It’s important that you don’t neglect the golf club shafts after you have cleaned your golf club heads. Golf club shafts can be prone to dirt too. To remove the any dirt, you must spray Clean Strike onto the shaft or the towel and clear any grime from the shaft and then dry it thoroughly with a towel.

How to clean golf club grips

The grips of a golf clubs are very important as they can easily get dirty and worn from sweat. Be sure to clean your golf club grips often, preferably after each time you play. It is a simple method – Use the Clean Strike solution and spray onto the grip and get your towel and wipe it over the entire grip’s surface and use your towel to dry any excess solution on the grip and shaft. 

After following all three golf club cleaning guides, the final step, that applies to all the methods, is to put your clubs back in your golf bag – and pack them properly, ready for your next game.

Oh, and don’t forget to pack your Clean Strike solution to clean your golf clubs out on the course. There are no excuses for dirty clubs affecting your game anymore.

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