Why Being Sustainable Matters
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Why Being Sustainable Matters

by Mitchel White on Apr 05, 2022

When we decided to create a golf brand, one of our core principles was being SUSTAINABLE. 

At every stage of our business start-up, we have taken great strides to ensure everything from product development to packaging and logistics has our community, environment and social impact in mind.

Sustainability matters to VERTA. We CARE about today and firmly believe that businesses shouldn't wait to become green. We want to give KUDOS to The R&A for becoming much more vocal in recognising sustainability as a key priority for golf. You can read the R&A’S GUIDE TO SUSTAINABILITY HERE

Adam Calvert CEO of verta says '“NOW is the time that matters! It's important to us that when you shop with us, you know that our business practices and products are sustainable”. 


  1. Core materials are from sustainable or recyclable sources

  2. Local suppliers are used wherever possible

  3. We work proactively to offset our carbon footprint

  4. We promote inclusivity and accessibility in the golf community


Our FIRST product Clean Strike is a sustainable solution made from food waste. Our solution is safe to use on all surfaces, smells great and will ensure your golf equipment is clean and your car boot no longer smells of wet grass! 

As well as our Clean Strike solution there are other products in golf that are sustainable! We’d like to celebrate other fellow sustainable brands - Make sure you check out Sustainable Golf and Prevented Ocean PlasticTM for more information about sustainability in golf and what ocean plastic is and why it matters now more than ever that we think about sustainability. Below is a few sustainable golf brands that we know about.



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