Sustainable Golf Week
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Sustainable Golf Week

by Adam Calvert on Oct 03, 2022




This week we at Verta Golf are supporting Sustainable Golf Week, which is pioneered by the Geo Foundation for Sustainable Golf.

As a Sustainable brand, we encourage Golfers and the wider sporting community to become more sustainable and make better choices.

Being Sustainable doesn't start and end at the Golf Course - It's a lifestyle. We need to protect our environment for future generations to enjoy.

As Golfers we can make quick changes and easy that will have long-lasting positive effects:

  • Stop using plastic tees - The amount of broken and discarded plastic tees that I have seen on my recent rounds breaks my heart. Golfers that use plastic tees really need to think about what happens to the tee when they disregard it. (We will be running a separate blog post about this.)
  • Put your litter in the bin - Not hard is it? We don't need to see sweet wrappers, plastic bottles, cans and tinfoil from your butties flying around the course
  • Share a journey - The clubhouse car park doesn't have room for any more cars so why not share a journey? Not only will you help save on emitting carbon emissions but you can also catch up with your buddy pre-round.
  • Support Community Projects - Is your Golf Club planting any trees, rewilding parts of the course or helping wildlife thrive on the course? These projects need volunteers and your help will go a long way.

To find out more about Sustainable Golf Week please click here:

Or you may want to join the Sustainable Golf Community:

If you are a Sustainable Golfer please use the following hashtags to share your story #DriveTheGreen and #SustainableGolfWeek

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